Native Plants

Blooming Prairie offers four different sizes of prairie forbs and grasses at retail and wholesale prices. Our plants are sold in 38” cone cells, gallon pots, bare roots and seeds. Please contact our nursery for pricing and availability as they vary from season to season.

Flat of 38 Potted Plants

  • 4.5”deep x 2” Cone Container
  • Longer Roots for Stronger Plants
  • Deep roots grow hardier plants that are able to withstand tougher conditions
  • Traditional 72 cell or 3 inch potted flowers can die after a day without water
  • Our plants’ deeper and more extensive root systems propagate freely after being transferred into the ground

Gallon Sized Potted Plant

  • 1 gallon pots measure 7 inches high and 7.5 inches at the opening
  • One to two year plants with large root systems
  • Best potted plant option for quickest establishment of prairie gardens

Bare Root Plants*

  • Receive only the dormant root
  • Our most hardy root system dug directly from the ground in Spring
  • No chance of receiving root bound plants
  • Quickly establish robust prairie by planting bare root
  • *Option available in the spring for a specific set of forbs


  • Diverse variety of seeds from local ecotypes available
  • Very economical way to establish a new prairie
  • Enhance a large or small pre-existing prairie or garden
  • Propagate native wildflowers at home
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